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Why in my dreams denser, more crazy, delirious Having both of you, my beautiful jewelry. Why this eternal youth lovingly devoted to this draft so loved the art, as magnified.
What joy to these worthy research, these thoughts always find the new formula of these objects sublime, For the vision in my fingers, an animated supernatural life that allows my shows charmed so beautiful.
Crimping my rubies and other multiple beads varied, Wisps of my necklaces, the grace of my bracelets, all these transformations and shimmering multicolored Who deprived me some nights sleep until dawn.
But do not try to discover the secret of these meditations, All my genes do not refer to my mother a thousand gifts, one that gave me the day and managed to exploit the natural wealth in the proof by example of his creations to the bill if beautiful.
Welcome RCréation
Welc I create jewelry for the past five years, I realize my creations from the natural elements: stones, wood, Pebbles, Shells, Semi-precious stones. I also use the paste to harden the clay, glass beads, wood, ceramics, Swarovski Crystal Beads, Glass Polis. All my creations are unique, handmade.
City Or I explained (Burgundy)
Verdun Sur Le Doubs, Chatenoy Royal, Olson, Chanblanc, Chalon sur Soane, St Loup De La Salle Géanges, Savigny Les Beaune, St Remy, Bessey-les-Citeaux, Le Creusot, Montchanin, Saint Laurent, Seurre, Labergement Lès Seurre .